With over 25 years of prominence in the timber industry, Wood & Wood Singapore, the Company, sets forth to bridge the flooring requirements of projects from mega to self-contained scales, provisioning a one-stop flooring solution hub.

As manufacturers, absolute conscious pride in developing our products are certain. It is in our duty to produce the finest in timber flooring with the belief that sustainable forestry practices and due diligence owing to the environment are implemented without compromising on quality.

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The Green Intent

Environmentally sustainable and
structurally superior, Engineered
Timber Flooring delivers comfort,
flair and convenience at your feet.

This technological advancement in timber flooring allows consumers to enjoy the luxury of real timber at a more affordable price!

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The Real Deal

Conventional choices for the true
blue wood lover, Solid Timber Flooring
adds charisma and warmth to your
living space.

Our range of precision-cut finished
and un-finished Solid Timber products
are specifically kiln-dried for our climate!

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Live Life Out

Outdoor spaces are ideal for family gatherings, sunday breakfasts and
beer with pals.

Our range of Outdoor Decking and
Outdoor Furniture creates the
perfect space for such occasions!

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The Healthier Choice

The ease of cleaning a hardwood floor is not only a maintenance benefit, but a health benefit as well. Many consumers are not aware of the impact that wood floors have on improving the home environment; likewise, they are unaware of some of the health risk associated with carpeting and other synthetic materials. Allergists recommend that people with allergies live in an environment with wood floors, which do not hold dirt, dust mites and molds. Additionally, a study by the Environment Protection Agency showed that pesticides are easily cleaned off wood floors.

Wood floors are a healthy choice from a global perspective, as well. Wood is a natural resource that is replenishable, and most of today’s timber comes from carefully managed forests that ensure a timber supply for the future.
The National Wood Flooring Association
What we say?

Certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC), talk to us on our range of Timber Flooring Products that are manufactured from sustainable resources.
The Fat Mascot
Wood & Wood Flooring
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Speak to our technical officers on suitability of wood species.
Understanding aftercare options with our reccomended cleaning agents.
Find out about alternatives on refurbishing/restoration of existing wood floors.

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